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A Wonderful Pictorial Map Devoted to Fishing in and Around the United States
[Allentown, PA, 1946]

HORLACHER BREWING CO. [Allentown, Pennsylvania, 1946] Perfection Angler's Guide. 32 x 34 ½ inches.  Color-printed.  Excellent condition with vibrant color.                                

A scarce, vibrant and informative promotional poster featuring two of mankind’s greatest pleasures—beer and fishing.  Notably, it was published the year after the end of World War II, signaling a country that was ready once again to embrace life’s pleasures.

Illustrated in the map’s borders are various fish found in North America with their average weight. Most states on the map itself feature light-hearted illustrations of anglers reeling in fish typical of their states.  The poster was intended to be displayed in bait and tackle shops throughout the country.  The poster also notes record catches of particular fish both in and around the United States, indicating sizes, locations and dates for each.  The work was printed by the Inland Lithograph Company of Chicago.

Horlacher Brewing Co. was in business from 1933 and 1978 and was one of eight of thirsty Allentown, PA’s breweries.   To distinguish itself in this crowded marketplace, it styled itself as “America’s only genuine Premium Beer.”


Price: $750.00

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