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By Arguably the Greatest Early Globe Maker
[Venice, 1697]

India/ Mumbai/ Goa/ Arabian Sea/ Oman/ Maldives. CORONELLI, V.   [Venice, 1697].  Avvertimento Al Navigli Che Partono Da Goa Per Andare Al Capo Di Buona Speranza Per Il Di Fuori Di Madagascar. 11 x 11 ¼ inches; 14 ¾ x 11 ¼ inclusive of text.  Excellent condition.                                                                                   

 A detailed globe gore showing the eastern half of India and including the Maldives. Also included are the Persian Gulf and parts of Iran and Pakistan.  There is descriptive text below the gore and on the verso.

Coronelli is generally acclaimed as the finest early globe maker. His reputation was secured by one of the most staggering feats of geographical production ever attempted.  In 1683, he completed for Louis XIV a pair of globes, each measuring an astonishing 15 feet in diameter, certainly the largest such works produced to date.  So large were these globes that each had a trapdoor through which their interiors could be entered so that changes could be made to the globes from the inside.  Remarkably, Coronelli became the globe maker of choice for the courts of Europe, while a Franciscan, whose members committed to lives of poverty.

Globes in the 17th century were not only extremely expensive to purchase but also very difficult and time consuming to make.  To meet the demand for his globes, Coronelli published bound editions of his globe gores in order to make his best work available at more affordable prices; he also supplemented the maps in his atlases with gores or parts of them. This gore appeared in the second volume of one of Coronelli’s general atlases, the Isolario, published in 1697.

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