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Very Rare, Early Pictorial Map of UConn
[New Britain, 1935]

 PERRY & BISHOP [New Britain: 1935] CONNECTICUT STATE COLLEGE.  Image size: 20 x 27 inches.  Original printed poster; fine condition; nicely framed.                                                                   

Very rare, original pictorial map of what is today the University of Connecticut; this is the first example of this work we've seen on the market. The University was called the Connecticut State College for only a brief period from 1933 to 1939, which would account for the map's rarity.  This was the fourth name given to the institution, which originated as Storrs Agricultural School in 1881.  "Connecticut State College" was succeeded by the school's present name.

Though quite naïve in execution, this charming work does contain interesting information and illustrates many landmarks still in evidence on the present campus.  It identifies and describes the student radio station (WCAC, 600 kilocycles, 500 watts) and provides information on the campus's structures and various historical data.  But perhaps most touching about the piece are the details that evoke a kind of college life that seems to be now long gone, such as the egg-laying contest, annual rope pull, and even the abundance of faculty housing on the campus.


Price: $550.00

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